Register new users of your application with the Next Identity API


About the API Use Cases

The instructions in the API Use Cases guide are intended to be used by application teams with API integrations.
These instructions are not intended to be used for integration with Next Identity Journeys.
If you need any technical support after reading through the API Use Cases section, please contact your Next Reason integration consultant.

The pre-register endpoint (/pre-register) is intended for applications that will be inviting select users to create an account. This is for use cases where the end users are not allowed to create an account from the sign in page on their own. This is sometimes also referred to as an "invite-only" workflow. In some cases this has been referred to as the B2B workflow, but it is not limited to only B2B user types.

The pre-register workflow is typically combined with Next Identity Journeys hosted screens to complete the end user's activation process.


About API call parameters and response for pre-registration

Basic authorization is now required for this API call using your login client ID and secret.
Also note that a successful response after user has been created via the /pre-register endpoint will only include the uuid of the user—for example
"uuid": "69ed0122-f2d9-4c6e-a636-3670cab4f15f "


Your application does not allow users to self-register and requires them to be invited to activate their account.


Note on /pre-register endpoint

In addition to the integration documentation in this section, refer to the API Reference for the /pre-register endpoint for more details.

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