Introduction to Atlas Console

Next Reason's modern portal for operating enterprise customer identity landscape


Next Reason’s Atlas Console provides customers with a modern portal for operating their enterprise customer identity landscape integrated with Next Identity.

Atlas Console enables customers to:

  • View consumer and platform analytics across hundreds of integrations
  • Manage inventories of configuration assets
  • Administer user access
  • Access comprehensive audit logs
  • onboard new application integrations

Atlas Console was built to align with our core product values:

  • Security: Delivering a comprehensive secure-by-design approach to customer identity management
  • Customer Experience: Providing end users with an enjoyable, friction-less experience
  • Developer Experience: Reducing integration complexity and accelerating time to market
  • Operations: Supporting data protection requirements and operational excellence
  • Performance: Ensuring high availability, fast response times, and business continuity using modern, cloud-native platform architecture