Choosing an Integration Method

Integrate your application via Next identity Journeys, API, or a combination of both


There are three integration methods available for Next Identity. The integration method you choose depends on whether you (or your development team) understands the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework and there is time and the budget to fully customize an API-based integration solution.

Integration Options

These are the different approaches to integrating applications with Next Identity.

Next Identity Journeys

Next Identity Journeys are hosted user journeys for common use cases such as registration, login, forgot password, and others. This method is the easiest and fastest way to have a full solution working with your application. This method allows you to:

  • :white-check-mark: Have a web and mobile responsive interface screen that you don't need to host.
  • :white-check-mark: Fully customize the fields and authorization rules that are presented to the user through configurable client settings.
  • :white-check-mark: Fully localize the UI/UX (with 30 languages currently available; see Localization for details).

See the Integrating Next Identity Journeys for the full details.

Next Identity Journeys API

The Next Identity Journeys API allows you to take control of the user experience while still maintaining the validation and authorization through the Next Identity platform. When integrating with the Journeys API, you are responsible for the user-facing screens for the user journeys, while you use Next Reason's full-featured APIs to handle the user authentication and authorization of the user journeys.

This method is ideal for experienced development teams that understand OAuth 2.0 and have an in-depth understanding of Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM).

Review the Integration Reference for the list of available endpoints and how you can integrate them to your application.


If you'd like to utilize only some of the Next Identity Journeys and make use of the Next Identity Journeys API to customize your own UI/UX, then this method will work for you.

If you are still unsure of which integration method to use for your application, please contact your designated Next Reason integration consultant.