Atlas Console is a unified portal with distinct functional components. Each component can be purchased separately by customers as add-ons depending on their requirements.

:white-check-mark: Core

The Core component provides the foundation that all product features depend on.


Customers represent a main entity that encompasses all elements within a company. Users are added to a customer and given permissions associated with lower levels.


Organizations represent distinct customer entity within the company (for example, Next Reason, Next Reason Global, Next Reason APAC, and others). Users can be assigned to one or more organizations, and are able to switch between them.


Environments are all the distinct customer environments available within an organization (for example, Next Reason DEV, Next Reason UAT, and Next Reason PROD). Users can be granted access to environments and given different privileges in each environment.


Users and access are managed either through Next Identity or through the Organization’s enterprise IdP via OIDC, enabling federation of enterprise identities. Each company is given a custom URL to access their specific provider and to ensure that all in-house security policies apply.


A global search capability enables users to search across all assets including Environments, Users, Customer Identities, Clients, and more depending on assigned roles and access.

Customized Dashboard

A homepage specific to each user displaying relevant content such as recent changes, events, quick links, and other useful information that can be customized for each individual user.

:white-check-mark: Asset Management

There is an overview of properties and the clients as attributes of that property. Each property has a set of environments associated with it and each environment has a set of metadata(attributes). The property/environment inherits those attributes.

  • Environments
  • Applications (properties)
  • Clients
  • Diff/compare
  • Webhooks

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:white-check-mark: Identity Analytics

The Identity Analytics dashboard was created for Customer Platform Operations and platform marketing to gain an understanding of how different features are used, to drive feature development that leads to more adoption. The Identity Analytics portal is an administration portal providing insight into key identity analytics including registration drop off rates, performance metrics, current transactions by client, end-to-end delivery metrics for email or SMS.