Next Identity Salesforce Connect

Easily synchronize data from an identity provider into Salesforce through Next Identity.


The Next Identity Salesforce Connect (NISC) is a Next Identity Marketplace add-on that synchronizes data from an identity provider into Salesforce. It receives Security Event Tokens (SETs), interprets the event data, retrieves the appropriate data from the source, and sends it to Salesforce.


Akamai Identity Cloud

NISC integrates with Akamai Identity Cloud Webhooks v3. The add-on will receive an event, retrieve profile details and send those details to a downstream Salesforce instance. The connector will listen to ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE events and retrieve profile details via the /entity endpoint.


  • NISC listens to ADD, UPDATE, DELETE events from Akamai Webhooks v3, retrieves profile details from Akamai (if needed) and sends information to the downstream Salesforce instance.
  • NISC verifies the signature of the webhook event.
  • The downstream Salesforce instance will receive a schema and mapping that it is expecting. For example it may only want email, givenName, familyName. Those attributes may be mapped to a different name such as emailAddress, firstName, lastName.
  • The Salesforce mapping stores per customer > environment > client ID. The mapping will only exist at the environment level, but should have the ability to be set at client level.
  • The Salesforce mapping stores which events to send and which attributes to map.
  • NISC responds with the appropriate status code to Akamai so that resend capability will remain intact. If webhooks are received, but NISC cannot reach Salesforce, it responds to Akamai with an error.

Sample Mapping

    "type": "salesforce", 
    "instance": "UNIQUE_KEY",
    "mapping": { 
        "uuid": "SF_KEY", 
        "email": "SF_KEY",
        "givenName": "SF_KEY", 
        "familyName": "SF_KEY",
        "created": "SF_KEY",
        "emailVerified": "SF_KEY",
        "lastLogin": "SF_KEY",
        "lastUpdated": "SF_KEY"