Threat Guard

Protect your customers—and your business—with modern identity security at every layer

Complex global enterprises without a governed customer identity service are more at risk of security breaches, credential stuffing attacks, costly regulatory penalties, and losing revenue and customer loyalty as a result.

Next Identity delivers a governed customer identity platform protected at every layer with security features tuned to detect, deflect, and eradicate potential threats to your customer data—enabling your business to protect your customers and your brand no matter which application in your landscape is accessing it.

Deploy a managed customer identity service across your enterprise that delivers modern protection you can count on.


Threat Guard availability

Threat Guard Standard is included in Next Identity Core for all customers.

Perimeter Security

:white-check-mark: Web Application Firewall

All Next Identity customers are protected by a modern web application firewall tuned to detect and deflect common—and increasingly sophisticated—threats to your customer identities.

:white-check-mark: Rate Limiting

Next Identity controls infrastructure ingress through granular rate limiting, enabling your business to configure API rate limits for each integration.

:white-check-mark: Security Ops

Next Reason's global team of operations engineers monitor your customer identity landscape, respond to performance and security alerts, and continuously tune your perimeter using realtime threat intelligence to inform automated and manual responses to detected customer identity threats.

:white-check-mark: Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting collects unique details about a user's device to generate a unique device ID that can be associated with a specific user. The device ID is captured during login, registration, and activation. During subsequent authentications, the unique device ID is compared to all the IDs associated with that user. If it does not match any of the existing values an informational email is sent to the user informing them of the activity and presenting options to sign-out all devices and/or reset password.

Form Security

:white-check-mark: reCaptcha

Unobtrusive form protection providing step-up challenges when anomalies are detected.

:white-check-mark: Honeypot

Standard with all forms in Next Identity Journeys, deflect scripted attacks with a hidden form field to deter bot activity.

Business Continuity

:white-check-mark: High Availability

Edge caching, autoscaling container architecture, and infrastructure-as-code approach allows Next Identity to meet the strictest enterprise availability requirements for business-critical services.

:white-check-mark: High Confidentiality

Next Identity processes your customer data using encryption at rest and in transit throughout our stack.

:white-check-mark: High Integrity

Next Identity redacts personally-identifiable information (PII) before it's logged and prevents log tampering to achieve high integrity standards. Logs are also available to be forwarded to your enterprise cybersecutiy team.

:white-check-mark: Disaster Recovery

Minimize Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with Next Identity's modern approach to restoring service in the event of a critical infrastructure failure.

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