v1.3.23 - July 7, 2022

The following new feature, enhancement and bug fix have been deployed to the Next Identity platform.

New feature

:star: Atlas Console

Next Reason’s Atlas Console provides customers with a modern portal for operating their enterprise customer identity landscape integrated with Next Identity.

Atlas Console will enable customers to administer user access, manage inventories of configuration assets, access comprehensive audit logs, and onboard new application integrations. Additionally, it gives customers the ability to view analytics of customer behavior across hundreds of integrations, and allow service agents to access secure customer data by job function.

In this initial release, customers will be able to use the the Identity Analytics dashboard, the administration portal providing insight into key identity analytics including registration drop off rates, and performance metrics. New features are being developed that will further enhance its capabilities.


Next Identity Journeys

:star: Passwordless authentication auto-login

When passwordless authentication is enabled, an option can be set to log in the user automatically, without the need to press the passwordless authentication button (fingerprint icon).

Bug fixes

Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Passwordless authentication toggle not working in the Edit profile page

An issue, where the biometric button still appears on the login page even when the user toggles the passwordless authentication option off from the profile screen, has been fixed.