Introduction to Next Identity

Next Identity enables global customer identity governance at enterprise scale

Next Identity is a unified orchestration layer for managing customer identity at scale connecting dozens or hundreds of enterprise applications with one or many customer data stores.

Next Identity provides multiple methods of integration, including hosted Next Identity Journeys to quickly deploy applications requiring secure customer identity journeys, and the Next Identity API to deliver fully-custom user experiences—all while maintaining governance across your entire enterprise customer identity landscape.


Managed services available

Next Reason specializes in a holistic approach to managing millions of customer identities across hundreds of applications and dozens of markets that combines Next Identity with service packages designed to meet complex enterprise governance requirements.

Next Reason provides customer identity expertise at every stage of enterprise maturity including discovery, implementation, onboarding, operation, and innovation. Our 24 x 7 team of customer identity experts around the world are capable of meeting complex governance and delivery requirements by embedding our capabilities within your teams.

Contact us today to learn about our productized enterprise service offerings designed to provide global support, application onboarding, and innovation to your customer identity service.


Next Identity Core features a modern and flexible approach to integrating your customer applications with one or more data stores. Core features include:

Hosted user journeys delivering pre-registration, registration, login, forgot password, profile, and other common customer use cases with limited development time required.

A full-featured API enabling your application development teams to customize user journeys while maintaining global governance control that meets enterprise security, risk management, and operational excellence across your customer identity landscape.

Comprehensive threat protection at every layer of your customer identity landscape including Perimeter Security, Form Security, and Business Continuity.

Connect your applications to one—or multiple—backend data stores.


Next Identity Extensions deliver premium features to support multiple authenticators, inspect passwords, deliver a multi-brand experience, localize content, manage consent, and much more.

Next Identity supports email address and password, mobile phone number and password, mobile phone number and one-time password (OTP/passwordless biometric authentication), social authentication, and two-step verification.

Mitigate the impact of credential stuffing attacks by preventing your customers from using passwords that may have been compromised by a breach on another application.

Complex enterprises often work in multiple markets, include many different products or sub-brands, and have strict branding requirements. Next Identity delivers branding flexibility to the enterprise customer identity landscape through the Brand Factory extension that abstracts design elements from screens and notifications and enables each integration to specify which theme should be applied—all while maintaining accessibility requirements, security, compliance, form validation, and central governance over your customer identity landscape.

Businesses that operate in multiple markets also typically require user journey content to be available in the local language and context. Next Identity supports central management of many locales—over 30 of which are supported by default—to simplify translation workflows and standardize messaging in each market.


The Next Identity Marketplace connects your customer identity service with third-party vendors to connect to data warehouses, leverage existing contracts with SMS or transactional email platforms, or enrich customer data.

Connect to one or more of your preferred SMS vendors including TeleSign, Twilio, Plivo, and Vonage. Create multiple configurations and choose which integrations use which configuration—all while maintaining service governance and operational excellence across your global customer identity landscape.