v1.3.25 - August 3, 2022

The following new feature, enhancements and bug fixes have been deployed to the Next Identity platform.

New Feature

Next Identity Journeys

:star: Threat Guard Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting collects unique details about a user's device to generate a unique device ID that can be associated with a specific user. The device ID is captured during login, registration, and activation. During subsequent authentications, the unique device ID is compared to all the IDs associated with that user. If the ID does not match any of the existing values in the account, an email is sent to the user informing them of the activity and presenting options to sign-out all devices and/or reset password.


Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Input filtering to ensure only valid characters are entered in input fields

Input fields across the Next Identity Journeys hosted screens, ensuring special characters won't be entered, avoiding potential spoofing attacks.

Next Identity API

Bug fixes

Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Returning a 500 error when no clients array is being returned on the user response

To avoid the 500 error, before using the content of the clients array, the system will check first if it exists. If the clients array does not exist, an access denied exception is returned.

Next Identity API

:white-check-mark: Legal acceptances to default to en-US if unspecified

The issue where the Terms and Condition option is not available to be accepted is now fixed. The locale string now defaults to en-US if none is specified.