v1.3.26 - August 10, 2022

The following enhancement and bug fixes were deployed to the Next Identity platform.


Next Identity Journeys

:star: Passwordless authentication icon properly identified and read by screen reading software

On the Login screen, the Passwordless authentication icon (thumbprint icon) is now properly identified and read aloud to the user by screen reading software.

Bug fixes

Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Issue with the use of the /token endpoint affecting the sending of client_id caused by latest changes to the Middleware class

An issue where the /token endpoint is not sending the client_id correctly due to changes in validation during the update of the Middleware class is now fixed. Now, error pages are displayed correctly.

:white-check-mark: Issue with using lowercase of special characters or letters

The issue where some German lowercase characters are converted to uppercase erroneously is now fixed. Now, names are not converted to uppercase when presented in the hosted screens.

:white-check-mark: Passwordless authentication icon appears too big in the hosted screens for clients that uses Brand Factory

The issue where the Passwordless authentication icon appear too big for the Login screen of clients that use Brand Factory is now fixed. Now, the icon appears with the correct proportion.