v1.3.27 - August 17, 2022

The following enhancements and bug fixes were deployed to the Next Identity platform.


Next Identity Journeys

:star: Addition of Static ID values on elements for Android/iOS devices

Added static IDs for HTML elements used for password change or reset in order to identify them during automated testing.

:star: Voice OTP option not displayed for unsupported locales

When using unsupported locales, Next Identity Journey hosted screens will not display the Voice OTP option even when the functionality is turned on.

Next Identity API

:star: Validation on all input fields and URL parameters

All input field fields and URL parameters will be validated to prevent the possibility of storing data with special characters where it is not required. This in turn prevents the execution of an injection attack, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Bug fixes

Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Device Fingerprinting: Invite Activation

Once the device fingerprinting option is activated, data collection is started for users who successfully activate their accounts after coming from an invite (pre-registration).

Next Identity API

:white-check-mark: Not logging expected validation as error

The issue where expected user behavior are logged as errors instead of warnings is now fixed.