v.1.3.30 - September 14, 2022

The following enhancements have been deployed to the Next Identity Platform.


Next Identity Journeys

:star: User enumeration in registration

Users with existing and non-existing email address and phone numbers will be redirected to the activation code page after registering to the application. A login or forgot password link will also be available for existing users.

:star: Federated Groups v1.1

With Federated Groups, a user can authenticate across subdomains of a top-level domain (TLD) if the Next Identity platform is deployed across multiple hostnames.

Next Identity API

:star: Improved token authentication on the users/update call

We have implemented improvements to the token authentication used in calls to the users/update API endpoint.

Bug fixes

Next Identity Journeys

:white-check-mark: Incorrect error message when user wants to change email address after registration

The issue where the error "Email address is not formatted correctly" is showing when the email field is empty is now fixed. The error message will now be shown as "Email address is required" when the user leaves the field empty.

Next Identity API

:white-check-mark: Error in sending the verification code

The issue where users are getting the error message There was an error sending the verification code. in activating 2-step verification is now fixed.