v.1.3.31 - September 28-29, 2022

The following enhancements have been deployed to the Next Identity Platform.

New Feature

Atlas Console

:star: Asset Management v1.0

The Atlas Console Platform Analytics dashboard has implemented Asset Management v1.0. In this release, the Properties menu has been introduced, where it provides details about an organization's properties and their clients. Atlas Console users will be able to see the information for each property and as well as the clients under it.


Next Identity Journeys

:star: Standard templates and assets

Standard templates and assets are now available for Next Identity journeys. There will be one single repository for all NI assets.

Next Identity API

:star: Additional internal APIs

Additional internal APIs have been created as part of a platform upgrade to support future application and infrastructure enhancements.

Bug fixes

Next Identity API

:white-check-mark: Akamai Salesforce integration

The issue where several 5xx error alerts were received after an application enabled the salesforce integration in production has been fixed.

Atlas Console

:white-check-mark: Search by registration type not showing some clients

The issue where some clients were not showing up in the results when the registration type filter was selected is now fixed.

:white-check-mark: Clients without registration type configured are not showing up in results

Some clients, who didn't have their registration type set in their configuration, were not being shown on advanced search results, when filtered by registration type. This issue is now fixed. Clients whose registration type has not been set, will now default to invite.