This endpoint enables an application to invite a user to activate their account when self-registration isn't a supported method of registration.

The pre-register endpoint is intended for applications inviting users to create an account rather than support self-registration for new users. This is sometimes also referred to as an "invite-only" workflow.

The pre-register workflow is typically combined with Next Identity Hosted Journeys screens to complete the user's registration process.

Upon successful pre-registration, your application will receive the new user's uuid in the response.

If a user record already exists and the application is not trying to resend the invite (meaning the resend parameter is not set to true), the following will occur:

  • The user record will be linked to the requesting application/property using the client ID.
  • If the requesting client ID utilizes the resourceAccess attribute, it will be added to the user record as true.
  • The pre-register endpoint will ignore any form fields passed into the call. This ensures that existing user details, such as names and other information, will not be overwritten by this call.

The response code for this scenario will be 200, and the uuid of the user will be provided as the response to the pre-register call.

To further clarify the pre-registration process, the following flowchart illustrates the sequence of events upon successful pre-registration, including scenarios where a user record already exists.

Flowchart: Pre-Registration Process Overview

Flowchart: Pre-Registration Process Overview


Need to allow users to self-register instead of inviting them?

If your application supports self-registration and doesn't require new users to be invited, please use the /register endpoint instead.

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