Integrating the Hosted Self-Registration Workflow of Next Identity Journeys

With the self-registration feature in Next Identity Journeys, end users are greeted with an intuitive registration screen where they can provide essential details (like email address, first name, and password) to create their accounts.


Need to invite users instead of allowing them to self-register?

In case your application operates on an invitation-only basis, without support for self-registration, consider leveraging the /pre-register endpoint provided by Next Identity Journeys API. Learn more.

Hosted Journeys Registration Screen

Hosted Journeys Registration Screen

The registration workflow typically starts by redirecting end users to your sign-in screen via the /authorize endpoint. This step ensures the system verifies if the user already has an existing session or account. On the sign-in screen, if your application is set up to permit self-registration, a registration button will be visible for users to create a new account.

Learn more about the workings and implementation of the /authorize endpoint here.