Explore key requirements for optimal Next Identity service use

The Next Identity is tailored to offer a secure and efficient identity management experience. Adhering to specific technical requirements, including browser support and security configurations, is essential for optimal performance. This document provides a detailed overview of the technical requirements and support matrix for the Next Identity service, including APIs and Next Identity Journeys.

Support Levels

  • Supported: Full testing, new features, and bug fixes.
  • Sustained: Basic support, potential bug fixes.

Next Identity Console

Supported Browsers and Devices

BrowserOSVersionSupport Level
FirefoxWindows, iOSLatestSustained

Next Identity Hosted Journeys

Supported Mobile Browsers and Devices

BrowserOSVersionSupport Level
SafariiOS, iPadOSiOS 9+Supported
ChromeAndroidKitKat 4.4+Supported
Samsung InternetAndroidLatestSustained

Supported Desktop Browsers and Devices

BrowserOSVersionSupport Level
ChromeMac, WindowsLatestSupported

Security and Configuration Requirements

End-User Browser SecurityCookies must be enabled, and HTTPS is required for service access.
App-Specific RequirementsSupport for PKCE or confidential clients for /token calls. Learn more about the /token endpoint.
JWT SupportNecessary for certain functionalities. Learn more about JWT.
Regional RestrictionsMay apply to supplemental services such as default SMS or Captcha providers; alternative solutions can be arranged in many situations.
Endpoint DocumentationOnly documented endpoints and formats are officially supported.


Explore Our Documented Endpoints

Discover comprehensive details on all officially supported endpoints in our documentation.