Customer Data Onboarding

Simplify User Migration with Next Identity Adopt's Migration Options

Next Identity Adopt provides efficient methods for migrating user records from a legacy directory to a new home directory. Choosing the right migration method is crucial for a smooth transition. Here, we outline the two primary migration options: Just-In-Time (JIT) Migration and Bulk Migration. Each method serves different needs and scenarios:

Just-In-Time (JIT) Migration

JIT migration is suitable for user migration if there is a desire to have the old and new authentication systems run in parallel. In this method, the user data can be migrated as the users authenticate. This method helps reduce downtime and ensures a seamless user experience. JIT migrations are time-bound operations, usually running for some weeks or a month, after which a bulk migration is often done to move any remaining user records. Just In Time migrations can be implemented using the Hosted Journeys or API. Learn more about JIT Migration.

Bulk Migration

This is the most common migration method. Bulk Migration is ideal for migrating all your users simultaneously, especially when you want a controlled migration within a specified timeframe. User records can be migrated with passwords to allow a seamless transition to the new system, or (if existing passwords cannot be migrated) users can be sent through a password reset process after the records are migrated. Learn more about Bulk Migration.