Magic Links

A passwordless authentication option for end users

Next Identity offers the option of using magic links instead of PINs for some verification workflows. Magic links are a type of passwordless authentication option that allows end users to log into an account by clicking a link emailed to them, rather than entering a username and password.


Magic link prerequisite

Basic user session information must be store locally on an application or webpage for the magic link option to work.

Using magic links can reduce the effort needed from the end user: instead of opening an email client, copying, and typing in a PIN on an application screen, the user can simply open an email client, click on the link, and complete the verification workflow.

Using magic links for login and verification workflows offer several benefits to end users, including convenience, ease of use, and reduced friction. By eliminating the need to remember and type in a pin or password, magic links can provide a more seamless and streamlined user experience.

Magic links can also help enhance security by reducing the risk of password-based attacks such as phishing or brute force attacks. Since the user does not need to enter their password or PIN, these types of attacks become less effective, and the risk of compromised credentials is reduced.

By streamlining the login process and enhancing security, magic links can help to improve the user experience and increase overall satisfaction with the service or application.


Note on magic links implementation

If you're interested to implement magic links for your workflows, please contact the Next Reason integration consultant assigned to your application.