Two-Step Verification

Enhance your security with configurable two-factor authentication

Our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system, part of the Next Identity Journeys, allows users the conditional flexibility to select their preferred method for receiving verification codes: via email or SMS.

In this system, users are sent a verification code after registration and each subsequent login to validate their identity and confirm access to their email or mobile device.

This 2FA feature is dynamically linked to the user's verified details. If a user has a verified mobile number and email address, they can select their preferred method for 2FA. The system defaults to the app's login method if the user specifies no preference.

Configuration Options

Two-step verification has the following configuration options:

  1. Disabled: Two-factor authentication is disabled.
  2. Optional: Users can choose to enable or disable two-factor authentication.
  3. Required: Two-factor authentication is mandatory for end users and cannot be disabled.


Configuring Two-Factor Authentication

Please note that the flexibility to choose between email or SMS for Two-Factor Authentication is subject to the feature's configuration settings.

While this feature does not require any configuration or development on your end, these settings are handled through the configuration completed by your Next Reason Solutions Architect.