Two-Step Verification

Add security to the registration and login workflows

Two-step verification is available with the Next Identity Journeys. In this model, the user is sent a verification code after registration and after each subsequent login to verify that they have access to their email or mobile device and confirm their identity.

This workflow is linked to the primary method of authentication. For example, if mobile number is used as the method of sign in, then the verification code will be sent to the mobile device. Alternately, if email is used as the method of sign in, then any verification codes will be sent to the email address.

Configuration Options

Two-step verification has the following configuration options:

  1. Disabled: Two-step verification is disabled
  2. Optional: Two-step verification can be enabled and disabled by the end user
  3. Required: Two-step verification is mandatory for end users and cannot be disabled


How to configure two-step verification

This feature does not require any configuration or development on your end; instead, this is handled through the configuration completed by your Next Reason Solutions Architect.