Introduction to Next Identity

Next Identity enables global customer identity governance at enterprise scale

Next Identity is a unified orchestration layer for managing customer identity at scale, connecting dozens or hundreds of enterprise applications with one or many customer data stores.

The Next Identity platform includes the following products:

Complex global enterprises without a governed customer identity service are more at risk of security breaches, credential stuffing attacks, costly regulatory penalties, and losing revenue and earned customer loyalty as a result. Next Identity Secure protects your business and customers at every layer with security-first features tuned to detect and deflect potential threats-enabling your business to protect your service, customers, and business.

Integrate with customer identity directories to store and manage profile data, your request catalog to automate client provisioning, your cybersecurity team to stream audit logs, bulk email provider to create custom templates, helpdesk applications to enable customer service center support teams, loyalty management systems to display core user profile data, SMS provider to manage mobile phone number interaction rules, custom applications to meet unique business requirements, and more with Next Identity Connect.

Next Identity Unify delivers hosted pre-registration, registration, login, forgot password, profile, and other common customer use cases with easy Open ID Connect (OIDC) integration patterns. Deploy fast, save money, follow industry standards and best practices, achieve security and privacy requirements, and stay on the cutting edge across your global customer identity landscape.

Next Identity Adopt accelerates your digital transformation efforts by orchestrating application onboarding workflows from discovery to deployment and delivers modern tools and integrations that enable delegated onboarding.

Next Identity Operate orchestrates common enterprise customer identity activities such as configuration management and modern deployment options, events and actions, asset management, and delegated administration.

Next Identity Analyze provides service owners with deep insight into feature adoption, user growth trends, customer activity, and common user journey pain points across hundreds of applications to make informed decisions.

Comply with global data privacy and consumer protection policies, as well as binding corporate rules and operational controls.


Managed services available

Next Reason specializes in a holistic approach to managing millions of customer identities across hundreds of applications and dozens of markets that combines Next Identity with service packages designed to meet complex enterprise governance requirements.

Next Reason provides customer identity expertise at every stage of enterprise maturity including discovery, implementation, onboarding, operation, and innovation. Our 24 x 7 team of customer identity experts around the world are capable of meeting complex governance and delivery requirements by embedding our capabilities within your teams.

Contact us today to learn about our productized enterprise service offerings designed to provide global support, application onboarding, and innovation to your customer identity service.