Software Development Kits (SDKs)

SDKs for Next Identity are available to accelerate integration

We have compiled the Next Identity APIs into the OpenAPI format so SDKs can be generated for any programming language.

Next Identity APIs

Here the links to the Next Identity APIs in OpenAPI format:

Unify API -

Adopt API -

User API -

Code Generators

To generate your SDK from Next Identity APIs , you can use any SDK code generator that accepts the OpenAPI specification. A good example is the Swagger Codegen.

Swagger Editor

For a more convenient, platform-independent way of generating SDKs, you can use the online Swagger Editor.

To use Swagger Editor to generate your SDK:

  1. Go to the Swagger Editor.
  2. Click on File>Import URL.
  3. Enter the URL of the Next Identity API . This will load the Next Identity API OpenAPI on the left (editor) panel, and show you the preview on the right (preview) panel.
  4. To generate the server files, click on the Generate Server drop-down menu and select the format you prefer. The server files will be downloaded.
  5. To generate the client files, click on the Generate Client drop-down menu and select the format you prefer. The client files will be downloaded.

Alternatively, you can paste the OpenAPI JSON into the editor and generate accordingly.