Manage all your properties and clients from a single interface

Next Identity Operate enables service administrators to manage an inventory of all properties and clients provides an overview of properties and the clients as attributes of that property. Each property has a set of environments associated with it and each environment has a set of metadata(attributes). The property/environment inherits those attributes.

Displaying property details

You can display or hide the properties and clients for the selected organization and environments using the Properties view.

At this screen you will have a quick overview of relevant details like Status, Client Count, Focal Point, User Count and when it was last updated (Last Update). The Actions column also provides quick way to navigate to the property's Analyze, View, and Edit screens respectively

Properties view.

Properties view

  1. To view the properties for the selected organization and environment, click on the Properties link on the sidebar.
  2. To search for a specific property name, client name or client ID, enter the details in the Search field above the properties list. Click the Advanced Search button to select additional search parameters. Use the different fields to select the property status, data source, integration type, registration and authentication type. Additionally, you can search by social authentication type, 2-step verification option and security option.
  3. Click Search once you've entered the property name, client name or client ID. To start with a new set of search parameters, click Reset.
Advanced search menu.

Advanced search menu

  1. To view the clients under a specific property, click on the arrow down icon at the left side of the property name.
  2. To view the details of a client under the property, click on the View icon under Action column.
  3. To hide the client lists for the property, click the arrow up icon at the left side of the property name.
  4. To show all clients under the properties, click the Expand all button. Afterwards, hide all the clients lists under properties by clicking the Collapse all button.

Selecting the number of rows to display

  1. To set the number of rows to display per list page, click the Rows per page drop-down menu and select the number of rows accordingly.
  2. To see the next or previous page, click on Next page or Previous page arrow accordingly.

Sorting Function

You can perform a sort function in the properties view, simply hover your mouse pointer to the right of Property name, Status, Clients, Focal Point, User Count, Last update, or Actions column title until the Sort icon appears (little blue arrow). Clicking on the Sort icon will cycling through listing in ascending, descending and original order.

Properties list sorting.

Properties Header

Viewing property and client details

  1. To view the Analytics page with the corresponding property filtered, click on the Analytics button under the Actions column.
  2. To view header information of a property, click on the corresponding View button under the Actions column.
    The Property details page will be displayed. To return to the properties lists, click on the All properties link on the top of the page.
Property details tab

Property details tab

  1. To view the clients under the property, click the Clients tab.
Clients tab

Clients tab

  1. To view more information about a client listed, click on the View button under the Actions column. This will open the General tab for that particular client. Relevant information such us Configurations and Allow Redirect URI list can easily be viewed here.
Clients details - General tab

Clients details - General tab