Adopt API

Provision new clients programmatically with the Next Identity Adopt API

The Next Identity Adopt API is a programmatic way for new applications to quickly get a set of credentials to begin integrating with Next Identity. To access this functionality, privileged access is delegated to customers so that they can integrate the API into their landscape such as through a helpdesk portal, or through a center of excellence. The Adopt API has a set of pre-built schemes that represent the most commonly used configurations and best-practices. It also supports different applications types such as web app, single-page apps, mobile apps, and backend machine-to-machine apps. For these, the Adopt API delegates either a public or confidential client ID.


About the Adopt API

The Adopt API is available to Next Reason Professional Services team, as well as select customers. Please contact your Next Identity Solutions Architect to learn about integration options.


Visit the API reference

The Adopt API is documented in the Next Identity API reference.