Email Communication

Optimize your customer email communication experience

Email communication is crucial in customer identity governance. With this in mind, Next Identity offers a suite of features designed to optimize your email communication, ensuring that your messages are delivered and significantly impact your audience.

Key Features

  • Multilingual Support: Translate all supported languages, ensuring your message resonates with a global audience.

  • Customizable Templates: Compile templates based on external configurations, providing the flexibility to craft messages that align with your brand.

  • Dynamic Content Fetching: Fetch custom content pieces from the config service, personalizing your emails with relevant and engaging content.

  • Client-Specific Dispatch: Dispatch emails specific to the customer's client ID, tailoring messages to meet each customer's unique needs.

  • Multiple Service Providers: Connect with multiple email service providers, such as SendGrid and DuoCircle, allowing you to choose the service that best fits your needs.

  • Personalized Details: Personalize emails with details such as first name and device information, creating a more engaging email experience for your customers.

  • Transactional Management: Manage transactional email types seamlessly, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.


Get Started

For a comprehensive understanding of leveraging these features to elevate your email communication, contact your Next Identity Consultant.