Overview of user roles in Next Identity Console

Next Identity console offers a streamlined and secure user roles and permissions system tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This document outlines the two main roles available to our customers within the Next Identity Console: Operator and Viewer.



The Operator role is designed for users responsible for performing most of the actions within the system. This role provides the flexibility to manage, modify, and control various aspects of the system, making it suitable for users who need comprehensive access.


  • General Access: The Operator has the ability to perform most actions within the system, including managing and modifying various components.


The Viewer role is tailored for users who need to consult and observe information within the system but do not require the ability to perform actions. This role ensures that users have the necessary visibility without the risk of unintended modifications.


  • Read-Only Access: The Viewer has read-only access, allowing them to consult and view information without the ability to make changes.

Requesting Administrative Tasks

The Next Identity Console offers distinct roles like Operator and Viewer, each with its specific set of permissions. However, there's no self-service capability for inviting new users and defining roles. Customers should seek help from a Next Identity consultant for these more advanced or administrative tasks. This approach ensures that sensitive operations are expertly managed, upholding the system's integrity and security.


User Management Advisory

If you need to invite a user or manage roles, please contact your Next Identity consultant.