Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling is a feature that allows an application to request additional user profile information beyond what was collected at the time of registration, or as new required fields may be added over time for an application. With this feature, an application can gain a more complete understanding of the individual user to better serve their needs.

Progressive profiling can be enabled as a part of a single application looking to improve the completeness of the user profile over time (or after adding new required fields), but it can also be key in enabling users that were registered on one property, to login to a different property with different required fields.

One example of how a single application might use progressive profiling would be to collect the user's phone number on a login (after registration) to allow for multi-factor authentication on future logins to improve account security.

Progressive profiling also enables your customers to use a single identity to log into multiple applications and reduce registration friction. This feature can prompt your customers for additional data needed by the second application with different identity requirements if that data is not already included in the user profile.

This feature is activated by a rule on the /authorize endpoint It is also possible for an application to optionally allow the end user to choose to "skip for now" a progressive profile screen when it is presented. Your onboarding or support consultant can complete both of these configurations.


Do you need help with Progressive Profiling?

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