Bulk Migration

This method allows you to migrate all your users simultaneously, providing options to maintain passwords or initiate password resets, ensuring a seamless migration experience. Let's explore the details of bulk migration.


About bulk migration

Contact your Next Identity Solutions Architect to discuss migrating all your users, whether you have hundreds or millions of them, from your legacy directory to the new directory. You can choose to maintain passwords for a seamless migration experience, or reset passwords and send password reset emails or SMS to all users.

Bulk Migration Process Overview

Embarking on a bulk migration process? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process seamlessly:

1. Consultation with Next Identity Solutions Architect

Discuss the specifics of your user base and determine the best strategy for migration.

2. Data Preparation

Ensure all necessary data is ready and formatted correctly to facilitate a smooth transition.

3. Data Transfer

Transfer user data securely to the new directory, maintaining data integrity and security.

4. Password Management (Optional)

If passwords were not migrated from the legacy system, password reset workflows can be initiated for the migrated users so that they can create a new secure password for login.

5. Post-Migration Verification

Verify the data transfer's success and ensure all users have migrated correctly.