Onboarding Dashboard

Orchestrate many concurrent application onboardings to your enterprise customer identity service

Onboarding new applications can be a complex process, especially when there are multiple applications to onboard. That's why we've created the Onboarding Dashboard - a tool that provides a holistic view of the onboarding activities of applications within your enterprise.


Onboarding Dashboard works with Projects

Next Identity Projects enables service administrators to create onboarding projects for each application, provision properties and clients that meet their integration requirements, and take them through a customizable onboarding workflow.

Our Onboarding Dashboard is designed to simplify the onboarding process by providing better visibility over onboarding projects. With this tool, you'll have a clear understanding of the status of each application's onboarding process, reducing confusion and saving time.

The Onboarding Dashboard allows for proactive monitoring of the onboarding process, which reduces the time it takes to onboard an application. With the dashboard, you'll be able to identify bottlenecks in the process and take steps to address them before they become a problem, saving you time and resources.

One of the key benefits of the Onboarding Dashboard is that it helps with capacity planning and bandwidth management for your applications. By providing information on the stages of the application onboarding projects and how long each project is taking, you'll be able to allocate resources more effectively which ensures that you have the right resources available at the right time, preventing delays in the onboarding process.

The Onboarding Dashboard is user-friendly gives you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Let’s walkthrough the different parts you’ll see in this new tool.

Atlas Console dashboard

Atlas Console dashboard

By Stages

The By Stages chart provides an overview of how many properties are being onboarded and how many properties are in each stage of the onboarding process.

The By Stages chart.

The By Stages chart.


The Aging graph provides an overview of the time spent by each property on the onboarding process.

The Aging graph.

The Aging graph.


The Details table provides an overview of the all the properties onboarding, and their related information.

The Details table.

The Details table.

To filter the properties by their current stage, use the Stage drop-down menu at the upper left corner of the table.

To see more information about a property, select the property name the Property window appears.

The Property window provides the following information:

  • Description
  • Status
  • Focal point
  • Count of users to be onboarded
  • Technical notes
  • History

Select the view technical information link to view the property details and the clients under the selected property.