Connect to your preferred transactional SMS vendors

Next Identity offers seamless integration with transactional SMS vendors, ensuring that your enterprise can effectively communicate with your customers via mobile messages.


Need support for a different SMS vendor?

Next Identity Connect is designed to be extended to support new—and custom—vendors. Contact us to discuss solutions to meet your integration requirements.

Next Identity SMS Pro

Next Identity SMS Pro is a managed SMS service provided by Next Reason. Next Identity Connect's SMS Pro integration enables enterprises to connect a complex landscape of customer applications with our preferred SMS vendors to simplify integration, governance, and billing. SMS Pro delivers the following enterprise features:

Multiple SMS provider configurations

Whether you need to support a single integration with a single provider or a dozen integrations across multiple providers, SMS Pro allows complex global enterprises to integrate into existing SMS service vendors and take advantage of existing negotiated contracts.

Centralized logging and SIEM integration

Since your SMS vendors are integrated with Next Identity through SMS Pro, all SMS transaction data across multiple vendors and configurations is included in the Next Identity logging and event service—providing enterprise-class observability and operational confidence across your entire customer identity landscape.

Developer mode

SMS integration testing can be more easily conducted with support for developer mode, reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with SMS quality assurance.

Verify customers before records are created

SMS Pro enables applications to wait until customers verify their mobile phone number before creating user records and notifying downstream systems, improving data quality assurance.

Supported SMS Vendors

Integrate with enterprise accounts from the following providers:

  • TeleSign
  • Twilio
  • Plivo
  • Vonage