Sources in Workflows

Event Sources: Integration Options for Workflows

Sources are the starting point from which events originate and trigger workflows. Workflows can be triggered by various sources, allowing you to automate processes based on specific events. The following sources are supported:

Next IdentityUser events from the Next Identity Journeys API, such as Pre-Registration, Registration, Resend Verification, and more, can be used as triggers for workflows. Next Identity provides a comprehensive set of user journey events that can be leveraged to initiate workflows and automate actions based on specific user interactions.
Akamai Identity CloudNext Identity Workflows integrates with Akamai Identity Cloud Webhooks. Webhooks from Akamai Identity Cloud are triggered when user data is created, updated, or deleted in the database. These webhooks can be used as a source to initiate workflows and automate actions based on changes in the user database. Next Identity Workflows applies filtering logic to notify relevant parties about the associated user events.


Support for Additional Sources

In addition to the supported sources mentioned above, we offer the flexibility to create custom sources to meet specific workflow requirements. Custom sources can be created either by customers (self-hosted), partners (self or Next Reason hosted), or by Next Reason based on roadmap and priority. If you have a need for a new source integration, contact us to discuss the possibilities of supporting it in your workflows.

Understanding the available sources and their capabilities is crucial for configuring workflows that align with your desired automation objectives. In the following sections, we invite you to explore other components of workflows, such as events, actions, notifications, and targets. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of building effective workflows.

What’s Next