Data Platform

Enhance your decision-making with the Next Identity Analyze Product's scalable Data Platform.

The Data Platform, a Next Identity Analyze core component, is designed to empower users with vast amounts of data, enhancing decision-making and user autonomy. Leveraging the platform's scalability allows users to access various tables, each tailored to offer specific insights. Dive deeper to understand how each table can transform your data analysis.

Tables Overview

Table NameDescription
User CountGain insights into user counts for specific dates and understand the accumulated user growth over time.
User Activities TotalsMonitor users' daily activities, tracking essential actions like logins, registrations, activations, and password resets.
Detailed User Activities & Drop-offsAccess detailed data that breaks down user activities, offering insights into patterns in logins, registrations, activations, and more.
API UsageStay updated on the frequency of various API usages, ensuring optimal system performance and resource allocation.


Interested in connecting and extracting data from our Data Platform?

Please consult with your dedicated Next Identity Consultant for guidance.