User Activities Totals

Explore daily user activities for behavior and engagement insights.

The User Activities Totals table provides a comprehensive view of daily user activities, serving as a pivotal tool for businesses to understand user behavior and engagement patterns. Each entry in this table represents the total activities for a specific day, capturing the essence of user interactions. When tracking these totals, businesses can gain deeper insights into how users interact with the system, helping identify trends and improvement areas. Dive into the sample data below to understand the table's structure.

Table Overview

Name: user_activity_totals

Column NameData TypeDescription
idIntegerUnique identifier for each record in the table.
updated_atDateDate indicating the last update to the record.
environment_idIntegerUnique ID associated with a specific environment.
environment_nameStringDescriptive name of the environment, e.g., Production. Note: Only data from the production environment is shared in this table.
property_idIntegerUnique ID representing a specific property.
property_nameStringDescriptive name associated with the property ID.
date_yyyymmddDateDate presented in a standard format (year/month/day).
date_yearIntegerExtracted year from the date.
date_monthIntegerExtracted month from the date.
date_weekIntegerWeek number derived from the date.
loginsIntegerTotal number of logins until the successful login form submission.
registrationsIntegerTotal number of registrations.
password_changesIntegerTotal number of password changes.
password_resetsIntegerTotal number of password resets.
activationsIntegerTotal number of activations.

Main Sample Data

5j80r...xztklm1b3cPRODUCTION5x219o3dtStellar Digital Radiance812128623815606
6k91s...xztklm1b3cPRODUCTION6y320p4euVortex Digital Spiral990460994141113
7l02t...xztklm1b3cPRODUCTION7z431q5fvEther Digital Void14548893579622

Note: Only a snippet of the table is shown for brevity.

Additional Date Information

For those interested in the date-related data, here's an example of how the omitted columns would appear:


Use Cases

User Engagement Analysis
By leveraging the User Activities Totals table, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of new features or updates. A spike in user activities post a feature release can indicate its success, while a decline might warrant further investigation.

Marketing Campaign Evaluation
Post-marketing campaigns, the User Activities Totals table can be used to measure the campaign's effectiveness in driving user activities like registrations or logins.

System Health Monitoring
If there is a sudden decrease in user activity, it could mean that there are problems or interruptions in the system. Monitoring the system regularly is important to prevent this so any issues can be detected early and resolved quickly.

Time Series Analysis for Trend Spotting
Businesses can identify emerging patterns and trends by analyzing the data in the User Activities Totals table over consecutive periods. For example, if there is a consistent increase in user logins every weekend, it may indicate peak user activity times. On the other hand, if sudden activity drops are spotted, it can alert businesses to potential issues or areas that require attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the User Activities Totals table data differ from the User Count table?
A: While the User Count table tracks the number of users added or removed, the User Activities Totals table provides a daily total of various user activities like logins, registrations, and activations.

Q: Can I correlate data from the User Activities Totals table with other tables?
A: Yes, the User Activities Totals table can be used in conjunction with tables like API Usage to understand the relationship between user activities and API calls.

Q: How frequently is this table updated?
A: The table is updated daily, capturing the total user activities for each day.

Q: How to interpret sudden spikes or drops in activity?
A: Sudden spikes might indicate promotions or campaigns, while drops might indicate reduced user engagement or even a technical issue.

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